Steve Badt

"I think a lot about how real and sustained political and social change can occur in this divisive political climate."

Senior Operations Manager

Steve Badt has more than 20 years of experience in non-profit management and project operations. He joined Impact Capital Strategies in 2016 as Operations Manager, where he leads operational management and client support.

Before joining Impact Capital Strategies, Steve served as the Senior Director of Kitchen Operations at Miriam's Kitchen. During his 14-year career at Miriam's, Steve helped transform a small "soup kitchen" into an award-winning operation. His efforts earned him recognition by The Washington Post, NPR, the Today Show, and other top-tier media outlets. In 2009 Steve had the honor of serving alongside First Lady Michelle Obama, who volunteered at Miriam's Kitchen to recognize its quality programming and focus on nutrition and dignity for Washington's most vulnerable residents.

Prior to his time with Miriam’s, Steve spent eight years as a chef in restaurants in Boston, New York City, and Washington, D.C.. He then transitioned successfully into non-profit work at Food & Friends, which serves meals to those battling life-challenging illnesses like HIV/AIDS and cancer.

Steve has a Bachelor's of Arts Degree from the University of Vermont and a Masters of Science in Nonprofit Management from the University of Maryland University College. He currently serves on the Board of House of Ruth, a non-profit organization helping women, children, and families rebuild their lives and heal from trauma, abuse, and homelessness.

He lives in Takoma Park, Maryland, with his wife and two children.

Get to know Steve

What's really making you think these days?

I think a lot about how real and sustained political and social change can occur in this divisive political climate. We need dialog, consensus, and action. This is very much tied to how SRI can make a difference, even with small incremental steps.

What can't you get enough of?

Adult intramural hockey and that feeling of teamwork, adrenaline, and a single focus.

What's something people might be surprised to know about you?

While with Miriam's Kitchen, I was invited several times to the White House by Michelle Obama as part of her efforts to improve the nutrition of kids, and I was featured in her book, American Grown. The White House had a great garden where the First Lady's office and her staff taught kids the joy of growing your own food, and then harvesting it for delicious results.

Any claims to fame?

I love to create elaborate Halloween scenes in my front yard each year where my family and I tell scary, sometimes fun stories. They have been based on Sherlock Holmes, Frankenstein, the French Revolution, Bone, or in 2020, Hugo Cabret. We work for months conceptualizing the scenes, gathering mostly recycled and found materials, building the set, and creating a script. On Halloween, we have a live show for the neighborhood (with Covid 19, a filmed performance).

Who or what inspires you?

Those who give and who have little to give in time, money and sweat -- a big sacrifice.

Contact Steve

phone: 202-844-3552

email: [email protected]